OKG Noose Security Chain

$49.99 $59.99 saving $10.00
OKG Noose Security Chain
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OKG Noose Security Chain

$49.99 $59.99 saving $10.00

Security chains from OKG are ideal to secure high-value items that can't be locked with a common lock. They are available either in pre-cut lengths (2, 6 or 10 feet) or in any custom length cut by foot to fit your individual needs.

Our security chains are made of triple heat-treated boron MANGANESE STEEL with a special anti-corrosion coating which makes them ideal for outdoor use. The links are not round like on common chains, but are hexagonal shaped which is a lot more effective against attacks with tools. The chains also feature a nylon sleeve to prevent paint work and chrome from scratches and damage.



Technical Specifications

  • Size

    1. Chain Length : 80cm

    2. Chain Link Diameter : 12mm, hexagonal link

    3. U Lock Size : 114.5mm*110mm*42mm

    4. U Shackle Diameter : 16mm

  • Material

    1. Chain Material : triple heat-treated boron MANGANESE ANTI-RUST STEEL

    2. U Shackle Material : hardened MAX-Performance steel

    3. Lock Cylinder Material : Stainless Steel with Sliding Dust Cover

    4. Durable, weather-resistant, highly flexible synthetic fibred knitted sleeve with hook-n-loop

  • Package

    1x Noose Chain

    1x U Shackle Lock with plastic packing

    2x Brass Steel Keys with key coded number

    80cm package dimension: 420x260x95mm

    120cm package dimension:420x322x95mm

  • Weight

    A. 80cm configuration

    Net Weight : 7.5lb Gross Weight : 8.3lb

    B. 120cm configuration

    Net Weight : 10.3lb Gross Weight : 11lb

  • Certificate

    SS104 Bicycle Gold Test Approval 2020