Team, origin

Jack Zhao, co-founder of NVSMART, is an avid bike enthusiast and a 15- year medical product project manager with extensive management experience and market insight. He was born in China and enjoys cycling since childhood. When he was still in middle school, he had two experiences of stolen bicycles. Since then, he has been obsessed with research on how to make bicycle locks reliable and safe. This research is 15 years. Co-founder Lee Yang is also a cycling enthusiast. He is also the founder of a high-tech company. He has several invention patents and has been working on artificial intelligence development in low-power Internet of Things, such as fingerprint recognition, people Face recognition, iris recognition, etc. He and Jack Zhao often organize cycling activities. During the event, they often observe that riders need to lean down to unlock, especially after a long period of intense exercise. This way of unlocking is very inconvenient, sometimes due to prolonged wear and tear. The situation of not unlocking occurs sometimes, and even when it is raining, it is often impossible to open the lock. It caused great inconvenience to people and seriously affected the enthusiasm of riding. So they began to think about finding a smart and simple system to protect our bikes. They hope to bring unprecedented innovation to the field of bicycle locks through their expertise and rider experience, and to change the safety of traditional riders. Quality bike locks not only protect your private property, but more importantly, you can enjoy cycling and fully enjoy your leisure time.


Technology, innovation

Based on 15 years of experience in technology development and application in the field of artificial intelligence, we are good at using the most mature, stable and secure technology systems to put products into xxxx . Different from other locks on the market ( traditional, intelligent ) , NVSMART brings the smart technology of today's Internet of Things to the rider for the first time. Its functions include keyless entry, bank-level encryption and so on. It is smarter and safer. Just tap the fingerprint sensor to enter your fingerprint, you can have it instantly, and the millisecond response speed ensures the comfort and consistency of use. In modern society, people attach great importance to the protection of personal privacy. We pioneered the technology of no Bluetooth connection and no additional program installation. We will not ask for your private information, effectively block the network intrusion, and truly achieve what you see is what you get. You no longer have to worry about the disclosure of personal privacy.


NVSMART not only relies on smart technology to protect your bicycle, but also has a sophisticated structure that includes a double locking mechanism to protect the 4100 series of forged chrome-molybdenum steel chains, making it the market leader in chain locks. The special structural design guarantees the endurance performance of the built-in rechargeable battery , and it can work normally even under the low temperature of minus 20 degrees. The unique contact charging mode effectively guarantees the waterproof performance of the entire product. The concealed design of the cover not only makes you feel no mechanical structure, but also greatly increases the service life of the mechanical device.


We always believe that advanced smart technology needs to be matched with fashionable design - "inside and outside" is an excellent product. Tangguard is a product designer and programmer from the bicycle kingdom of Denmark and has over 10 years of experience in home smart product design. For the past 3 years, Tangguard has been designing and developing other products for the bicycle industry. These design elements can be well represented and displayed in our products, creating a unique fingerprint recognition smart chain lock.

Our passion for innovation has never changed, and this is what we have always promised to our customers, that is, to ensure that our locks are the smartest, the most convenient for users and the high quality and safety. We believe that technology, design and people will make life better.



Our partners have more than 15 years of experience in the development and production of professional and traditional locks. The rich and complete upstream and downstream industry chain ensures that we can deliver high quality products in a timely manner. Jack's professional project management knowledge and experience ensure that every step of the raw material, production and testing processes meets high standards and high quality, reaching the international frontier. Tens of thousands of lab tests and thousands of hours of cycling testing ensure that your fingerprint recognition smart chain locks are easy to enjoy, whether you are in the cold Nordic winter or in the hot summer of Africa. fun of.



We know that this is just a small beginning, and your support and favor are the driving force behind us. We are determined to become the world's leading bicycle anti-theft system service provider, we will be hard work, thorns, ride the wind and waves to the top !